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  1. The O'some Cap

    The O'some orange cap is an attention-grabber. Get noticed and watch what happens next.
  2. The Hoodie

    A must for the urban look! A casual, nonchalant look for a fun evening; this hoodie can keep you warm and yet make you look cool.
  3. The Capital

    Cap your fashion with the classic - The Capital!
  4. The atTractor - MF 2635 USB

    A handy, reliable and stylish storage device. This 16 GB USB drive is a statement in itself. We call it the Master Key for a reason!
  5. The atTractor - MF 2635 Magnet

    The atTractor - MF 2635 Magnet
  6. The atTractor - MF2635 Keyring

    The atTractor key ring is light-weight and easy to carry around. You cannot miss it in your handbag or your pocket.
  7. The Showstopper MF 2635 - Scale Model

    1:32 scale model of The Showstopper - the #SuperRedMachine, the Massey Ferguson 2635, with an AC cab. This is a must have for a true MF fan! Made of metal, plastic and passion.
  8. Keep Calm Mug

    The calmness mantra in a coffee cup. A must-have for every farming enthusiast. An interesting gift for your family and friends.
  9. Gymmy Bag

    Carry your attitude and everything else you may want to. Overnight travel, a morning workout, a weekend with friends or a drive up the mountains. This multi-purpose bag will swing with your mood. Yes, your perfect companion.
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